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Capsule type devicesDescription


  Hangzhou HANAN Semiconductor Co., Ltd

  Features: 1. complete diffusion process. 2. Ceramic package 3. Center amplifying gate structure 4. Double sided cooling. 5 Large current and high voltage

  Typical applications: 1 High power converter 2 AC and DC motor control 3. AC and DC switch 4 Phase control rectifier 5. Active and passive inverter

  1. IGTVGTIH is 25 DEG C test value., all other parameters is Tjm test value unless otherwise stated.

  2.I2t=I2TSM×tw/2;tw= half sine wave current bottom width. Under 50Hz, I2t=0.005I2TSM(A2s).

  3.When used in the current 60HZ situation, ITSM(8.3ms)=ITSM(10ms)×1.066,Tj=Tjm


  4.VTO : threshold voltage, rT Slope resistance

  5.Gate lead: White or red; The cathode lead: red